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Introduction to Trat (Thailand)
A small province at the eastern-most frontier bordering on Combodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range forming a natural demarcation, Trat is a resort town with over fifty large and small off-shore islands, long white sandy beaches and unspoiled coral ranges. It is also a major fruit-growing and fishing area.

About 315 kilometers from Bangkok and covering an area of 2,819 square kilometers the province is administraticely divided into the districts of Mueang Trat, Khao Saming, Laem Ngop, Khlong Yai and Bo Rai, and the sub-districts of Kok chang and Kok Kut.

It was surmised that the title “Trat ” was corruption of “Krat” which is the name of tree plenty in Trat Province and used in broom production. In Ayutthaya period during the reign of King Naresuam, the town was called “Ban Bang Phra”.

While King Rama V was on the throne, Thai government inevitably made atreaty with France granting the area of current Trat Province to the western country in order that France would withdraw its force from Chanthaburi Province . Later, on March 23,1926, the King had to grant areas, namely Protabong, Siem Reap and Sri Sophon to France in exchange with Trat, inland and towns on the right bank of Mekong River. Thus Trat Residents regard March 23 as “Trat Independence Day”. They also built up King Rama V Momunent at the city hall to commemorate the King's attempt to keep Trat with Thailand .

On January 19,1941 , during Indochina War, French Squadron transgressed Thailand 's territorial waters. Thai flotilla came to protect the land. Thus, the war which was later known as “Koh Chang Naval Battle” began. Thai troop won and managed to drive out French Squadron. However, Thai side lost three warships, namely Songkhla, Chon Buri andThon Buri as well as some naval officers. Therefore, on the date of every year, Thai Naval Army holds the annual merit naking day to dedicate to those who sacrificed their and in their to protect the country.

Local Products
Apart from seafood products, Trat is also famous for tropical fruits such as rambutan, durinan, Krathon, Pinapple, and sweet Salak. The ‘fruit season is from April to july.

The native hat or Ngop is a cottage in a cottage industry product made by villagers in the Nam Chiao community which is located on the route to Laem Ngop district.

Lang An Thai dog, with whorl of hair on its back, is very famous for its loyalty and intelligence.

Festivals And Fairs
The Koh Chang Naval Battle Day is organized I late January at the Koh Chang Naval Battle Monument at Laem Ngop. The event is to commemorate the bravery of the Royal Thai Navy's action against the French on January 17,1941 . Merit-making and tribute rites are performed and there is exhibition by the Royal Thai Navy.

Trat Independence Day, on March 23, marks the day the province returned to Thai sovereignty after the French occupation. The celebrations are held at the provincial town hall.

Trat Fruit Fair , usually in late May or early June, features exhibitions an agricultural produce. There fruit contests, particularly of sweet salak.

How to get there
Car : From Bangkok , take Highway No.34 (Bang Na-Trat) or Motoway to Chonburi, then continue driving along Highway No.344(Ban Bueng-Klaeng). Arriving at Klaeng, turn into Highway No.3 and proceed to Trat via Chantaburi. A total distance from Bangkok to Trat is 318 kilometres.

Bus : Both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok 's Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) to Trat every hour from 6.00 a.m. to midnight . It take 5 hours for the journey. The Fare is 169 baht for air-conditioned bus. 197 baht for 24-sent VIP bus. For more information, contact Transport Co. Ltd at Tel : 0 2391 4164. Choet Chai Tour Tel : 0 2391 2237, Chok Anukun Tour Tel: 0 2392 7680 and Suppharat Tour Tel: 0 2391 3231

There are also air-conditioned buses leaving from Bangkok 's Mochit 2 Bus Terminal to Trat 6 times a day from 6 am . – 11 pm. Call Transport Co.Ltd at Tel: 0 2936 2852-66 or Suppharat Tour Tel 0 2936 3388.



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