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Local Products in Koh Chang

  • Ngop Nam ChiaoNGOP NAM CHIAO is a headgear made of bamboo and palm leaves worn by local agricultural workers. Ngop (in short term) comes in various shapes and sizes. Ngop can be purchased from Ban Ngop Nam Chiao, a community 8 kilometers south of the provincial capital along highway 3184 near Laem Ngop Pier. There, the villagers are specialists in making all types of Ngop.The village is also a good place to purchase local marine products, including dried shrimps, shrimp paste and fish sauce. Particularly famous is the shrimp paste because they are made purely from shrimps. Ordinary shrimp paste are made from shrimps mixed with some fish.
  • RAKAM WAN or Sweet Rakam is a famous fruit of Trat. The fruit is very sweet when ripe. Trat's Rakam is very famous among the Thais. Trat is also famous for other tropical fruits such as the rambutan, mangosteen, mango, durian, coconut and pineapple.

  • THE LANG AAN SIAMESE DOG is probably Thailand's most famous breed. Lang Aan Dogs have short, silky and shiny hair. Its other characteristic is the whorl of hair at its back. Owners are proud of its distinctive features, fierceness, loyalty and intelligence. A well-bred Lang Aan Siamese Dog can catch up to 300,000 Baht.

  • SIAMESE RUBY: Trat is also famous for its precious stones, especially the Siamese Ruby, which is known for its distinct clarity and pure red colour. They are found in the Gems market of Borai District which opens only in the morning.


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