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Introduction to Koh Chang

Koh Chang's Attractions
Koh Battle Area
is in the south of Koh Chang close to Salak Petch Bay. The zone is where the battle between Thai and French naval troops fought over the east border conflict on January 17, 194 .

     History : This monument was built to commenorate the victory of Thai Naval over The French Navy on 17th January 1941. This naval operation took place in teritorial waters south of Koh Chang near Salak Petch Bay. During this operations, Thailand lost 3 warships and 36 brace naval soldiers ceremony is held every year on 17th January to commemorate the soul of those heroes.

Tan Mayon Waterfall is the three storey fall of medium size. The footpath up to the site, situated 500 meters from durian orchard, is near the office of the national park, King Rama V and VI once visited the place and singed their royal names on the highest cliff of the cascade.

Klong Nanai Waterfall is a little fall in the northeast zone of the island. The side walk to the area lies 3 Km. grom Baan Daan Mai or 3 Km. from the national park office.

Klong Mueng Waterfall is a small fall situated remotely from Salak Petch Community near Salak Petch Waterfall.

Klong Sam Bay which is rich with coral lines is in the northernmost of the west coast. Klong Son Community is set up in the area.

Klong Plu Waterfall has three storeys. The entrance is 3 Km. form Ao Klong Prao Community. It will take about 20 minutes from the entrance to the site by walking

Koh Chang Noi and leam Chang Noi lie in the north of Koh Chang. The sea between Koh Chang Noi and Leam Chang Noi is abundant with corals.

Tri Petch Waterfall has only one storey. The place is situated 3 Km. form Salak Petch Community along the orchard of rubber trees.

While Sand Beach is one of the longest beaches on Koh Chong. Bungalows and resorts of reasonable proce are easily found. At the back or the beach are orchards. Of coconut trees and forests. The beach is easily accessible due to many roads passing to it The name suggests scenic beauty of the area.

Bang Bao Fishery Village is very interesting because residents in the area build up their houses with poles pitched into the sea and the bridge reaching to every house is set up to link the community together. Bang Bao is one of the zones rich with corals. Koh Mun Nok-Mun Mai is a small isle opposite Kai BaeBeach. The Beach around the isle can be seen at low tide. The sea in the area is some what shallow and plenty of gold-colour corals.

Long Sand Beach in next to Sa Lak Kohk Bay. The area is covered with forest and orchards of coconut trees

Klong Prao Beach Laem Chaiyachet is the long seaside adjacent to Kai Bae Beach . The beach is rather steep. Swimming is possible. Standard bungalow with facilities are set. The northernmost of Klong Phrao Beach is adjacent to Chaiyachet Bay and Beach which has beautiful landscape but swimming is not recommend.

Kai Bae Beach is close to Klong Phrao Beach . The beach, like that of Klong Phrao, is steep but swimming is safe. There are also quite a few cheap-priced bungalows in the area.

The island nearby
Koh Lao Ya lies at the south of Koh Chang. The group comprises Koh Lao Ta Nai, Koh Lao Ya Klang and Koh Lao Ya Nok. The transportation from Laem Ngob takes about 2 hours and a half. The islands has beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water a cololurful corals, Lao Ya Resort provide accoummodation service here.

Koh Wai situated next to Koh Lao Ya is a big island most of Beach which are plenty with stones. The area occupoes many bays which has beautiful beach lines and wide wonderful coral zones. Koh Wai is also the best source fot fishing. As for accommodations. Koh Wai Pakarung Resort is ready toserver tourists.

Koh Khlum is a historical island during the Thai-French Naval Battle like Koh Chang. The island is proper for fishing. The landscape comprising stone yard is worth a visit.

Koh Phrao is in front of Salakpetch Bay . From Laem Ngob, it takes two hours to the island, Koh Phrao has clean and calm seaside, and is cool and shady because it is plenty of coconuts trees. Long Beach Island Resort is set on the island.

Koh Rung is a small island at the west of Koh Maak. The isle has not enough flat area suitable for the setting up of any resort and bungalow. Koh Chang is place of concessions of bird nests, Charamed eggs and bat's dung. Stone knolls and deep-water coral under the sea of Koh Rung are very magnificent.

Koh Ngam is situated in the south of Koh Chang. The place comprises of two island with a huge send knoll at the middle. The little bay formed by the lines of the mountain stretching into the sea is a splendid and serene site without storms. It takes two hours to go from Laem Ngob to the place. Twin Island Resort is situated on the area.

Koh kut is the farthest island from the coast of Trat . Its size ranks as the fourth of all Thailand 's islands of the second to Koh Chang in Trat. The island covers an area of approximately 105 sq.km or 65,625 rai. It is 25 Km in length and 12 km in width. Its natural features include nountains and plains where many streams originate and some become waterfall. One famous waterfall is Nam Tok Khlong Chao flows all throughout the year. It is an ideal place for swimming, there are beaches with crystal-clear sea popular among visitors suach as Taphao Beach , Khlong Chao Beach . Khlong Hin Beach , Phrao Beach , etc.

Koh Maak is a large located between Koh chang and Koh Kut Most of its plains area is coconut plantations. The whole area of this island covers 16 sq.km or 90,000 rai with around distance of 27 km. Long beaches and crystal clear sea are the splendid attractions of the island. Accommodation is available for visitors along the beaches of the island's bays. Furthernore, it is possible to hire a boat trip to nearby islets.

Koh Kradad is situated northeastern away from Koh Maak. Formerly, the area was abundant with Kradad trees; hence, the name of the island. The place was the first island to have the land title deed since the period of King Rama V. During the time French colonization invaded the Southeast Asia France was trying hard to seize some areas of the Kingdom including Kradad King Rama V, therefore ordered that the land title deed of Koh Kradad be issued. Tourists attractions include the white long beach .

Ferry Services
Ferry depart either from Ao Thammachat or Koh Chang Center Point, Ferry Koh Chang, Koh Chang Ferry Landings between 07.00 am to 7.00 pm. Hours with a traveling time of 30 minutes. Private vehicles can be loaded onto the ferry. Please note that vehicles used on the island should be the 4 wheel-driven type as road conditions are bumpy and there are steep slopes to be negotiated. From the landing on Koh Chang are Sond thaeo services to carious points. Fares should be settled befordhand.

How to get there
Car :

     - Bangna-Trat (Highway No.3) which passing Chonburi, ratong and chanta Buri. the distance is 385 Kms Long
     - Bangna-Chonburi-Klaeng-Chantaburi (Highway No. 344). The distance is 315 Kms in Length.

Bus :
     Both air and non-air-conditioned (orange ones) Buses depart from Ekamal busTeminal Trat many times a day.
     Bangkok-Trat : Ordinary or Non-air-conditioned buses Tel.:(02) 3912504 Time: 03.00, 05.30, 06.30, 08.00, 12.30, 23.00
     Suparat tour : Tel.: (02) 391 2331 Time : 08.30, 10.30, 18.30, 22.30
     Chokanukul : Ordinary Buses Depart Chanta Buri and Trat every half an hour since 05.50 until 14.30 chanta buri to Trat which take about one and a half hour, additional buses are set at 15.45, 16.20 and the last trip at 17.30. The fare is 22 Baht.

Air :
Bangkok Airway

  Bangkok - Trat

Trat - Bangkok

Remark : 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday, 6=Saturday, 7=Sunday


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